November 29, 2013

How to Make a Birthday Cake Simple and beautiful

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Birthday cake is not something separate from the celebration or commemoration of a person's birth date or anniversary celebrations for couples who are dating , or the umpteenth wedding anniversary year , even the so companies and so forth . Diperayaan very, very special day for many people , it is usually held celebrations are quite impressive . For children in particular are usually beautifully celebrated by renting the building or eating places that provide or rent a special place for the celebration of this important day . 
How to Make a Birthday Cake Simple and beautiful
And of course for each person treats the special day with differently. However, whether or not in a festive celebrating a very special day is not a definitive measure in assessing an important celebration . Well here is the most memorable way that although simple but capable remembered for all time , especially for a pair of boyfriend by giving a homemade birthday cake to her partner . Well in this post will be shared how to make a special recipe that is on the day that Special Birthday Cake How to Make a Simple and Beautiful .

The ingredients to make it :

  •     100 grams of wheat flour
  •     1 tablespoon cake emulsifier (a type of baking powder )
  •     8 eggs
  •     60 grams of cocoa powder
  •     40 grams of cornstarch
  •     100 grams of butter ( melted )
  •     200 grams of sugar
  •     ¼ teaspoon vanilla ( optional / to taste )
  •     500 grams whipped cream ( whipped stiff )
  •     10 fresh strawberries
  •     100 grams of dark cooking chocolate
  •     Strawberry or cherry to garnish the cake to taste

How to Make a Birthday Cake Simple and Beautiful :

  1.     Combine and stir until blended baking ingredients ie flour , cornstarch and cocoa powder .
  2.     Shake the mixture of eggs , sugar and cake emulsifier until fluffy in a separate place .
  3.     Put the mixture into the flour mixture with a sieved egg mixture .
  4.     Stir - stir the batter until well blended and entirely flat .
  5.     Insert butter . Stir until smooth .
  6.     Insert the pan with a round shape with a size of 20 cm .
  7.     Put it in the oven , Bake cake batter in pan until cooked . Then lift the pan and cooled while.
  8.     Further cut the cake that is cooked with the direction transverse to three ( 3 ) equal parts .
  9.     Cherry cream evenly on each layer or slice of cake .
  10.     Spread whipped cream on one ( 1 ) layer , and place the cherry fruit , do also to the second layer
  11.     Place the third layer as the top layer .
  12.     Grease all surfaces with whipped cream spreads a thin layer only .
  13.     Then decorate the cake using dark cooking chocolate bars around the sides is precisely , then put a cherry or strawberry fruit to taste as decorations .

Well so special nan had cake for your beloved partner , you can be creative as you like in order a birthday cake that you create special looks more beautiful and more interesting . Good luck and be creative .

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