November 26, 2013

Unique , Pudding ' Gunyu - Gunyu ' Form Rump Shinchan

Posted by ghielz at 8:36 PM
Shinchan anime you ever watched ? Must be familiar with the typical ass dance scene from the strange boy . Well , it turns out that butt dance idea to make a food company producing a funny and unique pudding .

In Japan , food is often sold with an attractive package . It is to attract women and Japanese women who love to be creative with her ​​cooking . Therefore , the product comes Pudding Set buttocks . This pudding is inspired from the movie Shinchan .

In the package , there is a powder pudding , pudding mold and a spoon . Pudding mold in it already shaped head and buttocks shinchan . How to make the pudding is like in this video .
The solution was warmed pudding so it feels softer texture and more concentrated . Then printed in a mold that has been provided . Puddings are already finished and cooled , removed from the mold .

In order to really appreciate its shape , maker of the pudding is put in a glass tall footed . He made ​​the colonies of milk jelly , then put the pudding shape butt in it . He also added nerikiri triangular , then allowed to stand briefly to blend .

After that , the newly added blue jelly clear that this butt will look like drowning in water . The result , he will move gunyu - gunyu like Shinchan buttocks .

Funny really well , but it still looks yummy edible . However, if the shape is unique and funny way, definitely waiting finished playing with the butt of this Shinchan .

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