November 3, 2013

dorayaki original japanese cake recipe

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dorayaki cake recipe Japanese original is probably similar to Doraemon favorite snacks because I did not know the exact content of the snacks Nobita friend . For some materials may be somewhat difficult to find in Indonesia but we might substitute with local products only for this post but appropriate original material Sakura country . In principle, similar to pancakes I've ever written there are only a few differences in treatment .
dorayaki original japanese cake recipe

Cake Ingredients Dorayaki

Ingredients for Pasta peanuts

  •     A total of 1 cup Azuki beans are soaked one night
  •     Prepare 4 cups of water to boil
  •     As much sugar 3/4 cup
  •     Salt 3/4 teaspoon

Ingredients for Pancakes

  •     2 whole chicken eggs ( about 140 grams )
  •     Sugar 1/2 cup
  •     1 tablespoon honey
  •     Sifted flour 1 cup
  •     1/4 tsp baking powder
  •     1/2 cup water
  •     Vegetable oil for frying

How to Make Cake Dorayaki

Dose above dorayaki cake recipe I've made with cups sizes . Once all the materials are ready for step peretama bean paste . Japanese Azuki bean is pretty much circulated in Indonesia , hijua shaped like red beans , drained pasta to make the soaked beans and rinse with clean water . Then cook with less intense heat , nuts inserted after boiling water after the water boils reduce the heat back to medium heat cover the pan but not too close to the skin soft and less than 1.5 hours apart . Lift then drain . Mix the beans with sugar , and salt and creamed creamed stir until completely mixed and then heat the pan about 5 minutes on medium heat remove and set aside to cool .

Furthermore prepared her pancakes mix eggs , sugar , and honey and whisk until blended . Add flour , baking powder , and 1.5 cups of bean paste . Stir gently and gradually enter the water continues to stir until smooth . Once the dough is ready preheat a non-stick frying pan pour a teaspoon of oil then pour a teaspoon of dough give the distance between the fried dough should not be joined together , bulging look setelha approximately 2 minutes behind the process of frying the pancakes until golden brown , lift the drain or put on absorb paper to remove excess oil . Give peanut paste and 2 cups of fruit pancakes like a sandwich . Try also the other cake recipes collection after a successful try dorayaki cake recipe .

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