November 6, 2013

10 unique culinary paced and funny panda from japan

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Japan is arguably one of the countries that creatively about food. To create a signature dish, they did not just use a typical recipe, but also the style that attracts attention. Especially for women like us.

One is through the all-panda following meals. In Japan, a lot of things 'moe' or cute and 'kawaii' or cute. The women and men in Japan, like the stuff interesting and creative, although it contains two elements. Therefore, it's no wonder they put funny ideas into the food.
10 unique culinary paced and funny panda from japan

This time I will invite you peek variety of Japanese food served with panda icon in it. Beware drooling and squealing annoyance

1. Panda latte

Here's one dish that is preferred by many people. Yep, for those who like to hang out, besides the food, is not complete without a drink. Coffee for example.

Japan some time ago to introduce one of the makers expert latte art that decorate foam coffee with a unique character. Well this is also applied to many other coffee makers, one of them to make this panda latte art form. Well, make sure you take it first so as not to shame while drinking.

2. onigiri Panda

onigiri Panda

When to Japan, do not complete it if you do not feel the panda onigiri. Well if this one is the mainstay of the mothers in Japan.

That children want to eat lunch, usually they form these foods in the form of cute. One of them is a form of panda. It's easy, just use the molds, rice and nori. Then we can get what we want panda onigiri.

3. Panda Cream Cakes

If that is probably easy to make yourself. By using panda pan mold, we can turn the batter into cake form this cute panda. Especially with the addition of ice-cream or cream filling is yummy.

Adorable cake similar to this dorayaki sale in Cozy Corner Bakery. Well, so would like to try it?

4. Kare Panda

Kare panda also be one of the meals provided at a food court Adventure World. Precisely for those who visited Wakayama Prefecture.

So after you're tired of walking around, could try the culinary typical Japanese curry favor with herbs and rice form a unique and funny panda.

5. Lunch menu Rumble Panda

Lunch menu Rumble Panda

Panda lover in Japan will definitely spoil the lunch menu this one. A set lunch paced panda. Ranging from panda latte, curry panda, panda until biscuits.

And that can make women more termanjakan is, because the menu is provided for customers in Ueno Green Salon. Geez, in addition to eating well, also can go to the salon

6. Panda cake

Panda cake

Japanese people usually make unique cakes with interesting content. For example in dorayaki or Taiyaki. It is a red bean stuffing.

If this one, is one of the panda cake with red bean paste content is sweet and delicious. The form was cute as a panda head. It felt a little pity for food

7. Ice Cream Panda

In addition to a variety of breads that cute, clever Japan also combine ice cream and turn it into a funny character. Here it is, ice cream panda who looks yummy and adorable.

This ice cream panda panda head shaped choco chips fed with sugar added to accent her eyes. Usually placed on the waffle ice cream or cookies. so drool

8. Panda Pan (Bread)

Besides Panda Pan with similar shape dumplings, there is also a form of panda bread pan. Eg pan panda panda face shapes made ​​by Andersen Bakery at Ueno Station.

In the area it might panda panda face-shaped pan. But at the end, they give panda stamp that will remind us of the character in the movie Ranma Saotome Panda. Chubby and adorable.

9. Panda Pan

In Japan, they are called as the bread pan. Japanese people love to make unique creations pan and funny, such as the form of Hello Kitty. Food that looks cute like this would be in demand in Japan, especially by consumers in their teens and women.

some funny examples pan is shaped like a panda's. There are pan panda head shape and there is also a panda shaped pan intact until their bodies with imagination typical Japanese anime pose. Really cute right?

10.  Panda Lotteria burger

Panda Lotteria burger

Lotteria is one restaurant that offers fast food in Japan. Flagship food is often Lotteria burger and make a variety of burger creations that people do not get tired of eating the burger that's it.

One burger is a burger creations with this cute panda tattoo. For the burger with the panda logo, is only available at Lotteria branches Ueno Park Store. Usually packed in a bag that also panda logo. When you message to take home, you will also get a cute panda box.

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