November 4, 2013

Fill Pancake Recipes Ham & Cheese

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Pancake (sometimes called Surabi) is a traditional hawker markets from Indonesia, there are two types of pancake, the pancake sweet using salted pancake with syrup of palm sugar and sprinkles on top oncom that has been seasoned. In Bandung, regular pancake peddled in the morning and cooked using a furnace to produce a distinctive taste. Sometimes chicken eggs that have been whipped up batter added surabi being cooked. Along with the times, many of which continue to innovate by adding a variety of toppings such as sausage, cheese, and mayonnaise that aim to break the assumption that the pancake was impressed lowly food.

Fill Pancake Recipes Ham & Cheese

  •      200 gr flour
  •      coconut milk
  •      pandan leaves
  •      500 cc of water
  •      2-3 tbsp grated coconut
  •      Half eggs
  •      Half of instant yeast
  •      beacon cow
  •      cheese slide

How to cook it you can see the video below :

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