November 3, 2013

benefits starch

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Regular or tapioca starch made ​​from cassava root tuber that function make the sauce thicker or food glue .
But in addition to be used as cooking turns starch has many functions and other benefits in daily life . Like the following example :
benefits starch

cleaning the glass

Kanji powerful to be used as a glass cleaner to remove dust as well . Combine the lime juice , and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and water. Spray on glass and wipe with a dry cloth . Clear glass will sparkle again .

Cleaning up oil

There is an inherent residual oil on the floor ? Sprinkle powdered starch and then wipe with a damp cloth . Repeat until it was lifted clean .

Silver washing materials

Material silver can be cleaned and re- sparkle when washed with starch and water you know. Kanji sown and slightly moistened , and then rubbed on the silver material . Rinsed with water , dried and cling like new again .

Remove the remaining ink on fabric

If there are smudges on the fabric , then apply a thick paste of starch in there , then let it dry . And re- washed . Noda will be slightly raised , and did a few times until the stain faded .

Relieves burns and itches

After playing on the beach usually will burn skin and a bit of pain . Apply starch mixed with water as a mask and let it dry until the next morning . This way too powerful to overcome itching from prickly heat .

Remove traces of hairspray in my hair

And after bouffant hairdo , hairspray usually difficult to remove the rest . Sprinkle starch on hair and let sit for a moment . Then berkeramaslah as usual with cold water . Do not use hot water because it could be getting stuck kanji and make hair sticky .

Absorb odor

Enter the flour on a piece of cloth , then paste in the sneakers when stored in a closet . Is a powerful way to help absorb bad smell on the shoes .

Cleans traces of menstrual blood

Wake up you realize there is menstrual blood is still wet behind in linen room ? Take the flour and sprinkle on top . Then wipe with a damp cloth until stain repeat blood thinning so much easier when washing .

Trivial but also yes the hero this starch . Besides the price is too cheap anyway , so you can buy and keep in the closet just in case if the things above happen .

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