November 5, 2013

chocolate can make us to be slim

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Chocolate is everyone's favorite food , especially the women . Savory and delicious chocolate can indulge us for a meal again and again , especially when the feeling of being unwell. First , chocolate reportedly can cause obesity , but new research shows that eating chocolate can actually make your body slim .
chocolate can make us to be slim

In addition to delicious , found chocolate can keep the shape of your body . A study conducted by the University of Granada in Spain , reported by found that chocolate affects the high and low levels of body fat among adolescents in Europe . Those who eat chocolate appears to have a lower level of fat .

Eat More Chocolate , More Slim

A total of 1,458 adolescents from 9 European countries participated in this study . They were asked to fill out questionnaires about what they ate 2 days in a row . Teens who tomb chocolate with a higher number have a level lower total fat at the waist .

Previous research saw that flavonoid antioxidants in chocolate are beneficial effects . For example, to protect us from heart disease and prevent inflammation in the body .

" There is also the possibility of the chocolate lowers bad cholesterol concentration in the blood and reducing blood pressure , " said Susanna Larsson C. , MD , of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden .

From now on , no longer afraid to eat chocolate . But do not mostly

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