December 9, 2013

How to Make Cassava Banana Cake Traditional Recipe

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How to Make Cassava Cake Banana fast a Traditional Recipe - Cake is a cake as fast a snack or fast a traditional market that we often encounter in ancient snack food vendors in traditional markets . Although now been reduced seller ( in big cities ) , but sometimes we want to feel nostalgic return legitnya fast a banana with coconut contents adorned with palm sugar sweetness .
How to Make Cassava Banana Cake Traditional Recipe

Cake Making fast a real easy easy easy , let's let's try to create from a recipe that I found in the virtual world ...

ingredients :

  • 2 kg of cassava , peeled and finely grated
  • Coconuts 1 1/2 old , peeled and coarsely grated
  • Uli 1 ripe banana comb once , peeled and crushed
  • 500 grams of brown sugar , coarse comb and then dissolved in 50 ml of water , filtered
  • 1 pack of vanilla powder ( commonly available in the market )
  • a little salt
  • Banana leaves to taste , to wrap

How to make fast a Banana Cassava :

  1. Mix all ingredients together , if less sweet you can add a little sugar .
  2. Take 2 pieces of banana leaves , stack . Then put 1 tablespoon of dough . Wrap like making rice cake . Do it until the dough runs out .
  3. Then steamed in a steamer which had kurleb heat for 60 minutes or until done .
  4. Serve .

PS : when steaming it would be nice to put a cloth cover pan bottom , so that water vapor does not fall on the cake , because the cake will be made ​​and not durable .

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