December 2, 2013

4 Finesse Serve Healthy Snack For Family

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Children need energy to grow and move while " carrying capacity " of their very limited . So , snacks for families , especially young families with small children , is crucial . Of adolescents and adults also need snacks though in different amounts with a snack kids . However , self-made snack is a healthier choice than factory-made snacks that are full of additives , preservatives and ingredients that are not natural .
4 Finesse Serve Healthy Snack For Family

Here is Vemale will share tips that will make your child's favorite snack , easy to make and healthy for the whole family

MSG -Free Potato Chips

Choose a large test potatoes and thinly sliced ​​using a food processor or large grater . Soak in water that has been given 1 teaspoon whiting , for 10-20 minutes . Chips fried crisp and then drain all the oil . Once the potatoes cool , add seasoning to taste . For children the taste of cheese can be obtained from parmesan cheese , spicy flavors to mature can you racik with Cajun seasoning mix , a little sugar , dried parsley .

Purple Sweet Potato Brownies

Who does not like to eat cake cutting ? Brownies can now be purchased at a variety of stores that sell them in a variety of flavors . For more favored children , try to replace some of the flour with a dose of 100 grams of purple sweet potato that has been boiled and mashed , or can also use purple yam flour is ready to use . Reduce a little dose of sugar that is replaced by the sweet taste sweet.

Fresh Fruit jelly

Use 1 sachet powder konyaku or 1 bulb fresh konyaku ( can be purchased at stores that sell Japanese and Korean , how to use them is to boil ) add sugar to taste . To captivate the eyes add the juice of fresh strawberries when konyaku already started to boil .

Other fruits can be used as natural dyes : red guava , mandarin oranges , red -fleshed watermelon , kiwi and many more . So that not too much fruit vitamins reduced , pour the juice when konyaku already boiling and stir 1 minute , then remove from heat. Pour into the pan berbentu bears , cars , flowers and other forms of children's favorites .

Popcorn Assorted Flavor

Favorite snack made ​​from corn is certainly easy to be purchased at the cinema that sold in packaging that is ready to be finalized with the microwave . Materials often used as a flavoring in the form of trans fat -laden oil bad fats . Not infrequently , also laden popcorn ready-made dyes and additives as preservatives . To make the children can still enjoy it , just buy ready-made popcorn seeds and use corn oil for finalize its.

As the savory flavor enhancer , create a variety of healthy ingredients from the kitchen , such as cocoa powder and vanilla powder added refined sugar ( amount according to taste ) , parmesan cheese powder is added a little garlic powder , liquid caramel made ​​or melted chocolate flavors that range the children do not get bored .

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