December 18, 2013

4 Ingredients All Natural Food Preservatives and Safe Used

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Preservatives used to prolong life and prevent the contamination of food microbes that cause food perishables . Unfortunately , not all preservatives are safe to use for food .

Most of the dangers of food preservatives instead bring different things to the body , which may not be immediately visible effect , but piled on the body . There are actually several types of food preservatives potent in preventing bacterial contamination .

Reported , here are four natural food preservative and safe to use .


Salt is one of the world's oldest food preservative . It has been used since antiquity to preserve meat and fish . Products are applied salt generally has good conditions even for several years .

However, with the progress of time , not all food is now stored and preserved over the years . Usually enough at least 1-2 months while consumed .

The salt itself works to preserve foods by food mengdehidrasi so microbes are not present in the food . Salt makes food stays dry so as to prevent the growth of fungi and yeast .


As with salt , sugar can also eliminate moisture foods . It also prevents the growth of bacteria and other microbes that berkontrobusi to decomposition . Sugar is known as a preservative for thousands of years .

The ancient Egyptians are known even preserve food in jars of honey . The food is usually preserved with sugar is sweet, cooked with sugar to crystallize . But apparently it is the age of consumption becoming longer .

Rosemary extract

Not many people in Indonesia who knows rosemary . But the extract is very useful for preserving foods naturally . Rosemary extract for centuries has been used to provide a fragrant aroma and delicious food .

The trick is to distill and let antioxidant rosemary extracts in it to protect the flavor and appearance . It also prevents oxidation and decomposition of food .


Contains about 5 % acetic acid , vinegar can kill bacteria and other micro- organisms . Typically , vinegar is used to wash the chicken , meat or fish , so future shelf in the refrigerator longer.

Using the above materials , you can make your food lasting so much longer without having to worry that it will interfere with your health preserved .

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