October 20, 2013

Odeng Recipes

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No one doubts the beauty of tourism in South Korea, especially with culinary Typical South Korea, one of which Odeng. This is a typical street food is Korean. This is very easy to find food. There are many food stores, supermarkets, to luxury hotels.

Odeng is food made ​​from boiled fish broth and served with hot sauce. Typical South Korea's culinary match enjoyed during winter. Korea's special snacks sold by tingling look like skewers. These foods are also eaten with soy sauce.

But these foods are quite varied. There are 3 types of these foods. Eaten with the broth. The broth is the result of a turnip, leek united with crab and seaweed as a flavor enhancer. If you eat at street stalls, will be presented with a broth or spicy red sus.


  •      chicken eggs
  •      daikon
  •      aburage japan
  •      Chikuwa
  •      konnyaku
  •      shirataki
  •      Karashi
  •      skewer
  •      water
  •      broth
  •      Syu
  •      granulated sugar
  •      kombu
  •      salt
  •      red chili

Check out the video below for how to cook :

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