October 22, 2013

Recipes Simple How to Make Sushi

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Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of rice which is formed with side dishes (neta) such as seafood, meat, raw or cooked vegetables. Sushi rice has a soft taste sour because seasoned mixture of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar.

The origins of the word sushi is the adjective for the sour taste that was written with the kanji. At first, the sushi is the term for a type of fish preservation smear the fish with salt, powdered yeast or sake lees. Writing uses kanji sushi began only in the mid-Edo period is a way of writing ateji (written with kanji others because the kanji have the same sound)
Recipes Simple How to Make Sushi
  Serves: 4 people
  Cook time: 40 minutes

  •      100 grams of rice fluffier
  •      Glutinous rice 50 grams
  •      4 sheets nori
  •      Vinegar, eat in moderation
  •      Sand 2 tablespoons sugar
  •      Salt 1 teaspoon
  •      Water, cooked 3 tablespoons
  •      4 pieces of sausage
  •      Potatoes, stick 8 pieces
  •      Nugget 4 pieces
  •      Chicken eggs, (scrambled) 3 eggs
  •      Carrots, boiled

How to Make
Step 1

Prepare the content material , boiled until cooked carrots , scrambled eggs so 3-4 pieces . fried nuggets , potatoes and sausage , I used the oval nuggets , because it 's just that there is no good his kitchen nugget shape sticks
Step 2

aron briefly after the steamed rice until cooked, add a mixture of sugar , vinegar and salt have dissolved add 3 tablespoons of water into the rice was steamed , taste sweet and sour flavor that tasted salty . after lifting cooked set aside

Step 3

Take 1 sheet of nori on top of hot rice arranged approximately as thick as 1/2 cm do not try to cover up the rest of nori nori on the right side of the bottom is not the content so that when rolled nori rice can terekat well
Step 4

scrambled eggs set on the edge of the rice then arrange the contents of the rice that had been laid out in rolling sushi with nori start slowly while compacted . oya Cover with plastic under the nori to be more easily rolled , not necessarily with that bamboo is used for sushi roll
Step 5

simple sushi ready to be cut and eaten with family

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