October 30, 2013

11 Menu Ice, The Ready to Refresh Your Day

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The weather during the day that makes the scorching thirst continued to attack. Ice is the perfect solution to wet your neck. With freshness, you can create different types of ice contained in this article. If you are lazy to leave the house, prepare the ingredients to make ice in the refrigerator the day before you.
11 Menu Ice

It's easy and cheap to try. Feel the sensation of freshness itself..

11. coco ice starfruit basil

coco ice starfruit basil
Looking at the ripe star fruit is yellow, it can be perceived freshness that you feel when you eat it.

Syrup Ingredients:

600 ml of water
150 grams sugar


300 gr star fruit, finely blended and filtered
2 pieces of lemon, take the water
200 gr star fruit, cut into pieces
1 pack of nata de coco
2 pieces of cucumber, lengthwise dredged
1 teaspoon basil, soak in cold water

Supplementary Material:

30 ml strawberry syrup
30 ml of sweetened condensed milk white

How to make:

  •      To make the syrup, first boil the water and sugar over low heat until boiling then remove from heat.
  •      Enter the leatherback has been blended and filtered and lime juice. Mix well and freeze in the freezer. Once frozen, coarse rake.
  •      Tata starfruit, nata de coco, cucumber and basil in serving glasses and add ice frozen star fruit that has been dredged rough.
  •      Add strawberry syrup and sweetened condensed milk.
  •      Basil ice leatherback Coco ready to be enjoyed with family. 

 10. coconut ice nano nano

coconut ice nano nano
 Young coconut is often used as mixed drinks for freshness. With a mixture of grass jelly and other ingredients, you should try out the sensation of fresh young coconut water drinks nano-nano.


200 gr young coconut meat
200 gr fermented cassava, cut into pieces
200 g black grass jelly, diced
200 gr fro boiled, sliced ​​thin
crushed ice or ice cubes to taste
400 ml of red syrup
200 ml of sweetened condensed milk white

How to make:

  •      Prepare the serving glasses. Enter the young coconut meat, fermented cassava, black grass jelly and fro each 2 tablespoons.
  •      Enter the shaved ice syrup to taste and pour red.
  •      Add 2-3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk white.
  •      Mixed ice ready to serve.

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