October 27, 2013

Recipes to Make Sense of Strawberry Macaroon Cakes

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Before we read the recipe to make cookies macaroon, if you've ever tried Macaroon?

Cake that brightly colored, cute and beautiful is very popular at this time, in addition to red velvet, and rainbow cake, this cake is dominated by savory flavors of almonds with various flavors of content, for example Vanilla, Chocolate, strawberry and a variety of other fruit flavors.
Strawberry Macaroon Cakes

Textures are crisp, tender inside and melt in the mouth when eaten immediately....
The following recipe strawberry Macaroon Making Pastries

Ingredients Macaroon Cakes

Refined sugar 200 gr
200 g Almond Powder
3 egg whites
¼ tsp salt
Food coloring ( optional )
To Content :

4 eggs ( whites only)
180 g unsalted butter , melted
150 gr Sugar
Strawberry extract 1 tsp
Food coloring ( optional )

How to make a macaroon cookies recipe

  •     Combine powdered sugar and almond flour , then set aside
  •     Cover pan with non-stick baking paper , make a 5cm diameter circle
  •     Beat the egg whites with a mixer until fluffy , add the salt .
  •     Then add sugar gradually until fluffy egg whites , after transfer to a large bowl expands
  •     Add powdered sugar and almond mixture earlier in the egg white mixture and stir with a spatula
  •     Add vanilla and remaining powdered sugar and almond mixture and stir with a spatula . Avoid foam is formed . Add food coloring if desired .
  •     Put the dough into a bag , puncture ends dough in pan and then print the size of the circle that has been made ​​, then baked in the oven .

Filling how to make it:

  •     Beat the egg whites and sugar until fluffy , add the liquid while continuing whipped butter , then add the strawberry extract . Add a little coloring , beat at low speed . To remove air bubbles stir with a spatula until smooth .
  •     Spread the filling into a macaroon that was cool , then cover with macaroon keeping one another , ready to serve
Macaroon Cakes

That recipe makes macaroon cookies strawberry flavor , may be useful . 

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