October 20, 2013

Green Tea Pudding Tasty and Healthy

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Still in a warm atmosphere with togetherness with family . Coupled with the long holidays that could be filled by doing interesting things . Such as making menu dishes , exciting things to do while on vacation is none other than the experiment with processed food in the kitchen . Bored with goat -round menu , you should not forget to provide a sweet dessert and healthy . The house presents Pudding Cake Pudding Green Tea recipe that you can practice at home . Check the recipe here

Green Tea

ingredients :

- 8 g of agar clear
- 2 grams of jelly
- 1000 ml milk
- 100 gr of sugar
- 1 tsp Green Tea Pasta

Vla :

- 3 tbsp milk powder
- 700 ml of water
- 2 egg yolks
- 20 gr cornstarch

Sponge cake :

- 5 eggs
- 125 gr of sugar
- 150 gr flour
- 125 gr margarine melted

How to make :

Sponge cake :

- Beat the eggs and sugar until fluffy

- Put the margarine and flour alternately and mix slowly until

- Pour the batter into the baking pan measuring 20x7 cm which is smeared by butter

- The dough in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes , or until cooked through and pastry is golden brown

- Print cake cup size and input into the cup

pudding :

- Combine all ingredients and bring to a boil pudding making . Once boiling , turn off the heat and pour into each cup that already contains the cake and store in refrigerator

Vla :

- Boil water with milk powder and stir until boiling

- Enter the egg yolks that have been beaten off before slowly to the milk that has been boiled

- Stir constantly until well blended slowly

- Combine cornstarch that has been given the previous water into custard mixture and stir constantly until well blended and thickened all

- Flush the finished pudding cake with custard filling to taste

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