January 20, 2014

Strange, The Candy Store's Adult Precisely Trespassing

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Often hear the ban "a small child no entry" in certain places? At this point you might be amazed because even adults who are banned from entering. At a store in Sanda City, Hyogo prefecture, Japan, adults should only be waiting outside for the store specifically for children, maximum 6th grade.
Strange, The Candy Store's Adult Precisely Trespassing

Reporting from rocketnews24.com, stores opened since December 7, 2013 is named Future Sweets Factory. Located in the famous patisserie shop called Ice Koyama famous for her cookies were delicious and special.

Designed like a small dome, there is an entrance hallway leading to the Future Sweets Factory. A waiting room for parents supplied complete with vending machines selling soft biscuits flavored milk called "Matteru".

Each child was given a sample of candy. They also can see the process of making pastries and sweets. In addition, the children also can watch chefs bake 3 types of candy for their specials.

Owner and chef, Mr. Susumu Koyama says, the motivation behind the manufacture of specialty stores these children is to establish an active communication between children and their parents. The only way to find out what's going on in the store is to listen to the story of their child. From there the communication will be established.

Hmm, we wonder, too, how ya atmosphere in it? Some are concerned about getting their children there

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